This Saturday night the 19th kicks off the Kames sports night series. This series is packed full of give aways for both riders and spectators. There are fly bucks up for grabs, we have the rocky mountain $10 gift cards for everyone who signs up to race. Hole shot awards from Kames. At intermission we will have the T-shirt cannon blasting everywhere. Award winners can choose from trophys, Kames bucks or Malvern T-shirt. Best of all is just the atmosphere that comes with Saturday night at Malvern.

We will have practice Saturday 8:30am till 2:30pm for everyone. $25 per rider. Race sign up opens at 2:30. Race practice starts at 3:30. Racing about 5:30.

Everyone through the gate Saturday will pay the $10 gate fee but it will be refunded if you are not staying for the evening and you leave by 3:00pm.

First class $25, second $20, third $15
OMA cards $20

Malvern MX will be racing this Sunday the 13th. Gates open at 6am, sign up at 7:30 and practice at 8:30. Racing will start about 10:30. Hole shot awards Compliments of Kames sports. Also remember open practice Saturday (see for details).

Mx213 holds their first practice session, and race this weekend April 5 & 6. Gates open at 8am on Saturday April 5, practice 10am-4pm, $25.00. Gate fee for both Saturday and Sunday $10.00. This fee will be returned if you leave the grounds by 5pm on Saturday. Sunday gates open at 6am, sign up 7am, practice 8:30, race 10:30. Camping is welcome at no fee, but if you want elect. hookups fees apply. Contact Ed 740-338-7323.

A couple minor changes to the rulebook.  After careful consideration, we have decided to change the schoolboy class to ages 12-16, 2-stroke 125, 250 4-stroke, and 150 4-stroke. Since its really a mix of the AMA schoolboy 1 & 2.  No 250 2 strokes will be permitted in this class.  Next we dropped the age of the 2 stroke class to 12 years and up.  Allowing the bigger 12 year olds that are ready for a 125 to compete in that class.  However, you must still be 14 to compete on a 250 2-stroke.  We also lowered 250 B and 250 C to ages 12+.  Same thing here about the 250 2-stroke, nobody under age 14 for those machines.  The bottom line is that we feel that a 12 year old that is big enough to physically handle a 125 should be able to compete on one, and not be relegated to riding a bike that he is too big to ride.

I am pleaseed to announce the very program that will quiet everyone that is concerned about the cost of membership fees during the upcoming OMA season. Through Rocky Mountain ATV/MC we are offering their “Race Gas” program. Which really has nothing to do with race gas, but thats what they call it, so thats what we will call it. Everyone that buys an OMA membership this season will receive a $10 gift card to Rocky Mountain ATV/MC……..and for every race that they enter at least one class, you will get an additional $10 GC; this is good for every race on the OMA schedule. Period. Now you only get one per race date, not per class, but that means that you could pay for both OMA and AMA memberships in 6 races ($10 for OMA, plus $50 for 5 race events). So theoretically, you could earn $380 in contigency for just signing up………..the gas fire is lit.

We realize that people need to plan their time off, at this time we can release the Battle for Ohio State Championship dates. These races will be AMA sanctioned and viewed as a state championship series in the eyes of the AMA. AMA memberships will be required. At this time the series will have KTM and Suzuki contingency dollars up for grabs, and we are pursuing Honda and Kawasaki. All of these race event weekends will be Practce Saturday amd Race Sunday. Here is the series:

Round #1 Chillitown Mx – July 20th
Round #2 Malvern Mx – August 10th
Round #3 Briarcliff Mx – August 24th

We will have the Saturday Night Series and Moto Revolution Series dates in the coming days.

Just in case some people threw away their rsvp packet that all the info that they needed! Here is the schedule times for Saturday:

Doors open at 4:30, dinner starting at 5:30, awards starting at 6:30. it was all on the Info sheet with your RSVP packet.

532 West market Street
Akron, Ohio 44303