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Well the time for memberships is upon us earlier this season, because we have Summit Indoors coming up in about a month!  Now that we are doing this before the banquet, we don’t have as many goodies to giveaway.  However, its Christmas time at the Cliff, and I have left over shirts!  The first ten unique OMA memberships sold will get a free BC Tee based on your hoodie size selected.
Now the fun part.  I will turn it on within the next 24 hours (meaning the membership tab above will not have the error on it)……….Oh stop your crying, you know the Star Wars weirdo’s are camped out already for Friday!  Suck it up.  I might even throw in a special trinket for whoever can grab the #1 card……Good luck!

The OMA Banquet will be held at the Ashland University on Saturday January 30th!! All awards winners should have received their letter in the mail. You can check the class results under the banquet tab on this site. If you are on the list as a top 5 award recipient and have not recieved a letter, please fill out the attached document and mail it with a check to the return address….Time is running out! Your RSVP must be postmarked by Dec 19th!

2015 OMA Banquet Flier_Page_1

2015 OMA Banquet Flier_Page_2

We are pleased to announce the addition of the Amherst Meadowlarks to the OMA!! Amherst brings a rich tradition of Motocross in Ohio, and they want to carry on that tradition and improve the motocross landscape for Ohio. This will be the last and final expansion track to the OMA for 2016.

We are pleased to announce the addition of TV Land to the OMA promotor group. Trevor is a veteran racer with tons of motocross experience. He will anchor down the north east part of the state.  Welcome aboard Trevor!

We are planning to drop a couple classes next season. We will not be offering the Girls class or Vet 30+A. Too many points issues regarding 30+A with guys who have to run Vet 30+A (At Battle) by their rider classification, but also want to run Vet 30+ for year end points. And the girls class has been lacking enough participation to keep it going, and given the fact that there are classes available for both boys and girls to race at their given ages and machine sizes, we dont feel that we are prohibiting anyone from racing our events.

I’m pleased to announce the first major change to the OMA for 2016. We will be adding a “D” designation class for beginning racers, there will be no year end points for this class, and we reserve the right to bump any rider out of the class if we feel they are above this level or if they should be at a higher level. We will also be adding a 125cc 2 stroke class. This is the name of it, we will determine the CC limits prior to the first indoor event at Summit.

Additionally, KTM is back onboard for the Battle for Ohio Series, and they are putting together a year end contingency package for the Overall OMA Series!

I’m also very pleased to announce the 2016 track additions to the OMA (In no certain order):

Summit Indoors
Dirt Country
East Fork
Route 62
Western Reserve

They will join the existing tracks:
Chilli Town
Mx 213


Thanks to everyone for a fabulous season of racing in 2015! Final points have been posted and the winners for each series can be found at the links below.

Overall Series 2015 – Awards for Top 5 of each class / Counts Only 12 Best Points Paying Races

Spring Series 2015 – Minimum of 2 races / Awards for Top 5 of each Class

Battle for Ohio Series 2015– Minimum of 2 races / Awards for Top 5 of each Class

Kames Sat Night Series 2015– Minimum of 5 races / Awards for Top 5 of each Class

Faircross Series 2015– Minimum of 4 races / Awards for Top 3 of each Class

If you have any questions about points, please send them to

Battle for Ohio, round 2 is next weekend, Aug. 15 & 16!! Gates open Friday at 3 and close at 11. Saturday gate times are 6am-11pm. Saturday practice is for bikes and quads, $25 per rider. 9am-3pm. 

Quads will race Saturday evening! Practice at 4, racing at 5. There will be a one moto throwback bike class race during quad intermission. More details to come.
Sign up will be open for both quads and bike races all day Saturday. Times will be posted soon.

We are going to have a “glow” bicycle pit parade for everyone that brings their bike!  We have fireworks to be set off Saturday night at dark! Almost twice as many as our Fourth of July race! Sunday morning gates and sign up open at 6 am, practice will be at 830, and racing will start about 10.

That’s the basics!! More info in the days to come! It’s going to be a weekend you don’t want to miss!