We will be racing 4 seperate OMA Series (Wiseco Super Series, Kames Saturday Night, Battle, Faircross), and an Overall OMA Championship in 2017. We will be continuing a 7 race Super Series, with one race at each track. Riders must race 4 of 7 events to be eligible for series awards. The Faircross series will return for 2017 largely unchanged. Riders must race 5 events to be eligible for series awards. The Battle for Ohio State Championships will be AMA sanctioned, and AMA memberships will be required. This three race series will determine State Champions for Ohio. Riders must race 2 events to be eligible for Series awards. This series will be supported by Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki, and KTM. The Kames Saturday night Series will be held at Malvern Mx Park and Route 62 this season. Rider must race 5 events to eligible for series awards for the Saturday night series. All of the above series will determine champions by the highest point total, and those riders must meet the minimum races to be considered in the points chase.

The Overall OMA Championships will be assessed by all OMA point paying events (except Faircross); Wiseco Super Series, Kames, Battle Series races, and all other OMA point paying events (Chillitown Halloween, King of the Cliff etc). We will take your 15 highest point earning finishes, and whoever has the highest point total meeting that criteria will win his or her class. There will be no minimum races needed for the Overall Championships. Be careful, the points can vary depending on the turnouts, please review the rule book for more clarification on points awarded versus the number of riders on each race day. So in some cases a third place finish could award more points than a first place finish, depending on the class size from each event. Good Luck!