Moto Rev Rnd 5 Moved to Malvern MX!!!

Well after looking at the forecast and my wallet still being sore from the last rainy race at OIR, I have decided to move this round to Malvern. I am able to deal with the potential wet conditions much better and don’t have as much money at risk there. Even the pits can handle rain without having to pull people in and pull them out, no roads to have to clean. Basically it’s a no brainer.

We will also be able to have practice on Saturday 10am till 4pm bikes and quads. $25 per rider. The race schedule is the same. Sunday gates open at 6am, sign up at 7am practice starts at 8:30. Racing at 10:30.


This round of the Moto Revolution series is sponsored by Kames sports. There will be well over $1000 in freebies to be handed out with awards.