BC GP Racing Saturday Oct. 5!

BC will be holding the 2nd round of the OMA Gp Series this Saturday October 5th.  All classes and race times posted on www.omxa.net under the Racing tab look for GP Classes/Schedule.  Sign up begins at 9:00am, but you don’t have to be there at 9:00 to race any of the sessions, you can come 15-30 minutes before your race and sign up! 45 minute races for most.  That’s right, you come you race, you go home!  BC logo trophies to hand out along with some swag.  the track will be a lot of the trail loop, which has been cleaned up a lot.  Also we will be on parts of the Big track , and all of the C track.  OMA memberships are required, and are available for purchase at the track. See below!  The OMA GP series is the best of 5, so if you start at BC, you are still in it for the series awards.