Action Sports GP 10-19!

Saturday marks Round 4 of the OMA Grand Prix series.  If you are not running for OMA series points, you do NOT need to purchase an OMA membership.  If you plan on running the OMA series and have not purchased an OMA membership, you can buy one at the race.  The OMA series takes the best 4 out of 5 rounds.

Transponders will be required for this weekend’s event.  Transponders will be available at rider registration.  The transponders are $10, and are good for as long as they remain in good condition.

You must be an AMA member at Action Sports.  A full membership is $49, a family membership is $99 and good for up to 5 family members, a one race membership is $20, and a youth membership for riders 12 years and under is $29.

For class info, race times and more, go to, Follow us on Twitter @ActionSportsMX, and Like us at