Rocky Mountain ATV/MC Contingency

I am pleaseed to announce the very program that will quiet everyone that is concerned about the cost of membership fees during the upcoming OMA season. Through Rocky Mountain ATV/MC we are offering their “Race Gas” program. Which really has nothing to do with race gas, but thats what they call it, so thats what we will call it. Everyone that buys an OMA membership this season will receive a $10 gift card to Rocky Mountain ATV/MC……..and for every race that they enter at least one class, you will get an additional $10 GC; this is good for every race on the OMA schedule. Period. Now you only get one per race date, not per class, but that means that you could pay for both OMA and AMA memberships in 6 races ($10 for OMA, plus $50 for 5 race events). So theoretically, you could earn $380 in contigency for just signing up………..the gas fire is lit.