2014 Rulebook Changes!

A couple minor changes to the rulebook.  After careful consideration, we have decided to change the schoolboy class to ages 12-16, 2-stroke 125, 250 4-stroke, and 150 4-stroke. Since its really a mix of the AMA schoolboy 1 & 2.  No 250 2 strokes will be permitted in this class.  Next we dropped the age of the 2 stroke class to 12 years and up.  Allowing the bigger 12 year olds that are ready for a 125 to compete in that class.  However, you must still be 14 to compete on a 250 2-stroke.  We also lowered 250 B and 250 C to ages 12+.  Same thing here about the 250 2-stroke, nobody under age 14 for those machines.  The bottom line is that we feel that a 12 year old that is big enough to physically handle a 125 should be able to compete on one, and not be relegated to riding a bike that he is too big to ride.