Malvern Mx 4-19-14

This Saturday night the 19th kicks off the Kames sports night series. This series is packed full of give aways for both riders and spectators. There are fly bucks up for grabs, we have the rocky mountain $10 gift cards for everyone who signs up to race. Hole shot awards from Kames. At intermission we will have the T-shirt cannon blasting everywhere. Award winners can choose from trophys, Kames bucks or Malvern T-shirt. Best of all is just the atmosphere that comes with Saturday night at Malvern.

We will have practice Saturday 8:30am till 2:30pm for everyone. $25 per rider. Race sign up opens at 2:30. Race practice starts at 3:30. Racing about 5:30.

Everyone through the gate Saturday will pay the $10 gate fee but it will be refunded if you are not staying for the evening and you leave by 3:00pm.

First class $25, second $20, third $15
OMA cards $20