Mx213/Malvern weekend update 6/1

I received a call from Ed at 213 yesterday morning to let me know that he will not be able to open this weekend. He will not be available at the end of the week or weekend due to health circumstances. Ed and the 213 crew deeply regret having to do this, especially after the last race being their best turnout ever. But some things in life are out of our control.

So not to leave a hole in the OMA schedule, we at Malvern Mx are going to pick up this Sunday race and it just doesn’t make sense to leave a perfectly good Saturday night empty, so we’re going to take this opportunity to have a 2 day race weekend.

More details to come, some track changes and posibally a drop down over the hill loop for Sunday. The weekend will basically be: Saturday practice, Saturday night race, Sunday race.