OMA Membership Live Today!

Today we flip the switch on the OMA Membership sales. The first 25 signups will receive a free OMA Beanie! Just a heads up we have increased the membership fee to $25 this year. Now sit down for a minute and consider the facts:

1. OMA is a non profit organization, so all funds are being spent for your benefit.
2. We want to improve the awards for the banquet, nice big metal improvements.
3. The competition charges $25, and I feel we do at least as good a job if not better.

With about a month away, we are getting closer to riding season. So get your card today, and at least feel like you are doing something to help get the ball rolling toward spring. The link goes live at noon. I will throw in a free OMA drawstring bag for the first person to successfully sign up. For those in the dark, the OMA bag comes with a t-shirt, lanyard, towel, and stickers.


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