OMA 2016 Updates

I’m pleased to announce the first major change to the OMA for 2016. We will be adding a “D” designation class for beginning racers, there will be no year end points for this class, and we reserve the right to bump any rider out of the class if we feel they are above this level or if they should be at a higher level. We will also be adding a 125cc 2 stroke class. This is the name of it, we will determine the CC limits prior to the first indoor event at Summit.

Additionally, KTM is back onboard for the Battle for Ohio Series, and they are putting together a year end contingency package for the Overall OMA Series!

I’m also very pleased to announce the 2016 track additions to the OMA (In no certain order):

Summit Indoors
Dirt Country
East Fork
Route 62
Western Reserve

They will join the existing tracks:
Chilli Town
Mx 213