OMA Update 2017

East Fork, Dirt Country, and Mx 213 have left the OMA. Dirt Country and East Fork will be apart of a new series due to proximity. Mx213 has left to pursue their own races. So our North South series idea has taken on water and is sinking. Jason and I feel that we are best to keep running the Wiseco Super Series instead of forcing a north south. It would be very lopsided in terms of number of races to the north. Tv Land and Western Reserve has decided to only run bikes this season, they will be running all classes on Sundays. Amherst is running all bikes and quads in Sunday. Races at BC and Chilli Town will be Battle format like 2016. Malvern’s Season Opener, which is a Wiseco Super Series, will run quads and bikes on Sunday. Malvern’s Battle race will be Battle format. Route 62 has three Saturday night events, both bikes and quads will run on Saturday. Summit Indoors which is coming up quick will run the same program as 2016, bikes and quads in each race night! Membership sales are now live, get signed up on the membership tab of this site.