OMA Updates!

I have updated the faircross requirements to award the top 5 at the banquet for the faircross series, which is effective today, prior to the start of the faircross series.

Also, one of our tracks has been granted an opportunity to partner with a huge sponsor, which is great, but unfortunately the schedules did not mesh very well. Due to conflicts and overlapping dates within the Kames Night Series and the new Iron Pony Series, Route 62 will not be able to remain in the Kames Night Series for the OMA. Malvern will be picking up their 3 dates for the Kames Night Series on July 29, Sept 2, and September 30. Malvern will be running their Kames/Super Series event on September 2nd as well. No hard feelings with the OMA and Route 62, and we can revisit the possibility of running events there in 2018. Opportunities came up for him, and that’s a good thing, but not everything is meant to work out. I want to apologize for the late change of schedule, but this is the best solution given the situation at hand.