Battle for Ohio State Championship begins! Round 1 July 11-12, 2020 at Chillitown!

Round 1 of the Braces’ Battle for Ohio State Championship begins this weekend at Chillitown MX.  For more details go to the Chillitown MX Facebook site.

Here are some “Need to Knows”:

  • Transponders will be required at Chillitown Battle round only. AMA is also required. You must also have either an OMA or Buckeye Series card, since this is being sanctioned by both organizations. If you are competing in the Battle for Ohio Series, or do not have a Buckeye Series card, you will need to purchase an OMA for this event, if you do not have one. (Available at CTown)
  • Class Questions?  There will be BOTH OMA and Buckeye Series Classes.  For most classes, they are named as the regular OMA classes, and they overlap with the Buckeye Series classes. (which means bigger gates!)  But there are a few exceptions, that look a little different, so PLEASE be careful when registering on the KIOSKs at the event.  (It is a rider’s responsibility to register for the correct class)  Battle Points are only awarded in the designated classes!  I have created a Battle at CTown Class Comparison Chart that shows exactly what you should sign up for if you are running the Battle series!  Feel free to download and share with all!
  • Reach out through email or for quicker responses, through the OMA Facebook Messenger site with any questions, and we will quickly get back with you!