Update on Classes, after reviewing the feedback from parents, and doing some deep thinking, mwe have agreed to make the following ammendments to our classes:

1) Supermini will be 15 years and under

2) Mini Sr. will include small wheel 150’s, so 85cc/150cc small wheel only

3) Mini Jr. will include 65cc machines, making it a 65/85 class, and still keep the 65cc class too.

4) Adding a 50cc quad class to run with the 70cc quad, or staggered if needed.

Thats all for now, Thanks for your support!

Ok. A word on numbers and Sign up!

We are allowing people to sign up early and reserve their racing numbers by picking their membership number. These are all first come, first serve, the first person to send the cash gets the number. Paypal is the fastest, and you can use paypal at the bottom of the membership page. What does this mean? It means that you have the right to use the number in any class that you can leagally compete in. Does it mean you have to run that number? No, this is not mandatory. Can anyone else run that number? Yes, but not in the same class as someone who is using it and has it on their membership card (they have it reserved). What if nobody has the number reserved via their membership card and I show up and two other guys have the same number in the same class? Then whoever signs up first gets it. This is how its been for years people, except nobody has been given the option to choose.

I see a couple common errors, people are signing up with out paying, then someone else is swooping in to take the number, and people are not checking to see if a number is reserved.

OMA Shirts, Hoodies, and Memberships on Sale!

The OMA is trying to raise funds for the 2013 year end awards and banquet. We are selling OMA logo tees and hoodies as a fundraiser, look under the OMA Gear tab above. We are also selling OMA memberships now! From now till the end of February you can buy your membership and get it early. Why do this? Because we will let you select your OMA number. We will be letting people use the last three digits of their OMA number as their racing number. If you secure a membership now, you will lock in your number for the season. Please check the number availability document before submitting. See the membership tab above. So buy a T-Shirt, Hoodie, and a Membership today for yourself or as a Christmas gift!